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6 Best Practices To Recover Your Abandoned Carts
By Marine on June 17, 2019

E-merchants everywhere are looking for best practices to recover abandoned carts, as the industry is constantly expanding on a rapid scale. With 2019 well underway, e-commerce carries on...

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Tool Announcements

Identify your visitors with our Customer Identification Technology
By Marine on May 16, 2019

68% of the carts on your e-commerce website will be abandoned. Out of these 68% abandoned carts, 70% are unidentified.

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Re-engage unidentified visitors with our widgets
By Marine on April 3, 2019

A whopping 70% of abandoned carts are non-identified! This means it’s not possible to re-engage with those visitors on your e-commerce website because you have no contact details… and no...

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Channels E-commerce Inspiration

Is "Text Message" Part Of Your Retargeting Strategy? If Not, It Should Be!
By Marine on March 12, 2019

Text Message is no longer an option. It is one of the best ways to recover abandoned carts and convert them into sales. The statistics speak for themselves... Text Message has an...

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How to Jumpstart Your Facebook Messenger Remarketing
By David Laloum on September 12, 2018

Does your eCommerce store need an edge? You’ve got one. You can start using Facebook Messenger before Amazon and the big boxes stores figure it out. It won’t even take that long – Carts...

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Channels E-commerce Inspiration

Multichannel Marketing: The Best Way to Combat Cart Abandonment
By David Laloum on August 1, 2018

Ever had a marketing plan look great on paper… only to have it flop in real life? It happens to all of us. Sometimes plans don’t match reality.

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