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How SMS Retargeting Can Solve Shopping Cart Abandonment

SMS Retargeting for Cart Abandonment
Maxime Pruvost
Written By Maxime Pruvost
On Jan, 20 2016
2 minute read

Can SMS retargeting solve the curse of shopping cart abandonment, and how? Online retailers are on a quest to reduce the loss of revenue caused by shopping cart abandonment.

There are various tools to improve the conversion rate of a cart into an actual sale, from site improvement in navigation to email retargeting campaigns, but we are still dealing with 68% of shoppers who don’t go through.

SMS Retargeting creates a connection

Of the benefits of SMS retargeting, the most important one is it creates an immediate connection with the customer.

Online shopping is a solitary experience compared to in-store where a salesperson can interact with a shopper, answer questions and concerns and put forward reasons to buy the product. E-commerce certainly offers great convenience and reaches a wider audience. But the shopper is on his own, sometimes indecisive or unhappy with shipping costs and mandatory registration. Short of reading his mind, you are facing cart abandonment due to the lack of resources available to convince him in real-time.

By sending a SMS to your prospective customer, you improve your chances of entering in personal contact. While emails are left unopened more than half the time, text messages are read within 3 minutes of reception.

SMS Retargeting is immediate

Time is crucial after shopping cart abandonment and using a SMS retargeting solution allows for better reactivity with the possibility of immediate interaction.

Online shoppers are versatile because they have access to everything with a simple click: a better deal and more options are at their fingertips.

By being able to contact your customers shortly after they left, you are reaching them when they are still in buying mode.

It also offers the advantage of fitting today’s lifestyle, where mobility is essential. A whole generation of “naturals” is emerging, shoppers who hardly use emails anymore and use their mobile phone for about anything.

SMS Retargeting is flexible

Shopping cart abandonment happens for many reasons and the options offered by a SMS retargeting campaign can address many of them. With different content available for your message, you can assess the probability of converting the basket into a sale.

The simplest SMS is a friendly reminder that the cart is pending.

An abandoned cart of high value can justify offering a promotional code the prospect can enter immediately. Promotion oriented SMS is well received by shoppers who are constantly surfing to find deals and coupons.

Text Message Callback takes converting abandoned shopping carts to a new level of connection. By reaching out to customers who need help and giving them the opportunity to be called back by customer relations agents, online retailers have a true and unique way to answer questions in real time and give their shoppers a personal service experience.

SMS retargeting can solve shopping cart abandonment with a higher conversion rate thanks to its flexibility and reactivity. Rather than leaving your business to the uncertainty of email performance, embrace technology and use it at its best.

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