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The 10 best e-commerce marketing tools in 2020

Best e-commerce marketing tools
Written By Louise
On Feb, 12 2020
7 minute read

Marketing your e-commerce store can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be. In 2020 there are innumerable tools that will do all the hard work for you and make marketing your e-commerce store both easy and enjoyable.

There are tools to help e-merchants with every aspect of your e-commerce marketing strategy, from building a beautiful and easily navigated online store and optimizing the customer journey, to engaging with customers over various mediums and nurturing them in the long term.

The one difficult thing about using e-commerce marketing tools is that there are too many to choose between! That’s why we’ve created this list of our top 10 e-commerce marketing tools to grow your business in 2020.


Before you can make use of any other e-commerce marketing tools on our list, you need to build an inviting and user-friendly online store. No platform makes this easier to do than Prestashop. What sets Prestashop apart from the competition is the simplicity of the software. The Prestashop interface is so intuitive that even the most inexperienced e-commerce store owners will navigate it easily.

And e-merchants agree. Prestashop is already used by over 300,000 e-merchants worldwide.

What makes Prestashop an ‘ e-commerce marketing’ tool is that businesses are able to completely customize their online store so that it fits perfectly with any existing branding. The visuals of a brand’s website are such an important factor in converting customers, and Prestashop makes building beautiful e-commerce websites easy.

With Prestashop, e-merchants are able to:

  • Manage their supply chain
  • Keep track of orders
  • Analyze all relevant statistics in one place.
  • Sell products globally, with different languages and currencies natively integrated into the platform.


It’s imperative for e-merchants to understand customer behavior on their website. By analyzing which buttons are clicked (and which aren’t), what pages are viewed most often or for the longest time, e-merchants are able to identify and solve any pain-points customers are facing on their e-commerce store.

That’s why a heat-mapping software like Hotjar is so important. E-merchants are able to visually analyze customer’s behavior on their website, then optimize their site accordingly.

  • Is there a button customers should click but don’t? Make it bigger and bolder.
  • Is there a point in the sale process where customers often get stuck? Optimize it.
  • Do many customers exit the website at the same point? Find the problem and fix it.

As an extra feature, Hotjar users can also put surveys and polls onto their e-commerce stores to gather feedback from customers in real-time and react accordingly.

By analyzing customer behavior and fixing the problems they face, e-merchants can optimize the experience of future visitors and turn them into customers.



What good is a beautiful, user-friendly online store if customers don’t find it? Enter, SEMrush. SEMrush is an SEO assistant that helps e-merchants optimize their site and drive traffic. There are so many factors that determine the visibility of your online store, and unless you’re an SEO expert you may not even be aware of them. Luckily for you, SEMrush is.

With SEMrush, e-merchants can perform an audit on their site’s meta-data, keyword frequency, backlinks, and many more factors. SEMrush then gives recommendations on how to solve any issues. You can also use SEMrush to analyze your competitor’s SEO rankings, which keywords they use, and track their performance on a daily basis to make sure you stay on top.

And it doesn’t stop there. SEMrush doesn’t only analyze your website, but also your ads and marketing campaigns. Ensure that your messaging uses the right keywords to reach your ideal audience and make more conversions with less money.

Google Ads

What do customers do when they’re looking for a product online? They Google it. To ‘Google’ something has become a household term - so it shouldn’t come as a shock that the influence Google has on customers all over the world is massive.

By purchasing Google Ads, companies are effectively bidding for that top spot on a Google search page. While an ad is differentiated from the websites who appear organically, the fact that it appears at all (and so high up on the first page) is what really matters.

To put it simply: your add will pop-up whenever a user is searching for a similar product or brand to yours. It’s proven to be a very successful way to bring in leads.

When purchasing Google Ads, e-merchants are able to pre-define their monthly limit so they never go over budget - spend as much or as little as you please.

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In 2020 alone, the world’s internet users will spend a total of 1.25 billion years online. More than a third of that time will be spent using social media. If your brand isn’t visible across social media, chances are your ideal e-commerce customers will never find it.

Social media advertising platform AdEspresso helps e-commerce brands automate and optimize their social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Using one tool to manage your accounts across the three biggest platforms is hugely beneficial for e-merchants, as it allows them to analyze and compare all campaigns together on one cohesive dashboard.

AdEspresso’s automation goes further than just building and scheduling campaigns. They have an algorithm that analyzes the CPA of all ads within a campaign, then automatically pauses underperforming campaigns and re-allocates ad budget to the best performing campaigns.

No more money wasted on badly performing ads, no more time wasted jumping between different social media advertising platforms. AdEspresso’s got you covered.



Continuing with the social media theme, let’s take a look at social media tracking app Buffer. Buffer is a browser extension that e-merchants use to track customer behavior across social media sites. With this information, brands can build an understanding of customers’ likes and dislikes, their interest in specific topics, and their current wants and needs.

And it doesn’t stop with analysis and behavioral tracking. With Buffer, e-merchants can plan, collaborate with teammates, schedule and publish content across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest (depending on your pricing plan). They can then view all upcoming content in the Buffer calendar and track the analytics of all channels on one simple dashboard.

Understanding the current interests of your customer base is a must for any brand that wants to build a meaningful connection with their audience. For some e-commerce owners, social media is a world they know nothing about. Buffer makes planning and publishing meaningful social media content easy for everyone.


Content marketing for e-commerce is a tricky business. Even if you pick the perfect topic, write and design first-class content, and display it across all available platforms, there’s still a high chance that it will go unnoticed.

Affiliate marketing is a great way for e-commerce businesses to get their content out there and seen by the right people (ie. potential customers). Products such as Feeds4 make affiliate marketing easy and accessible to everyone.

Feeds4 will collect content from e-merchants and distribute it to the right affiliate partners so that your message is read by your ideal customers every time.


The power of social proof cannot be understated, particularly within the e-commerce industry. More and more, potential customers are looking to their friends, past customers or influencers’ opinions on a brand before making a decision on what product to buy. In fact, 65% of new business already comes from referrals - regardless of whether you have a referral program in place or not.

Omnistar is a referral marketing software that helps e-merchants recruit their loyal customers, affiliates, and influencers to promote their brand. With Omnistar e-merchants can provide loyal customers with:

  • Pre-written posts and graphics about your brand that they can share across their social networks at just the click of a button
  • Promo-codes so that they can pass on special discounts to everyone they refer

Plus they have a free survey tool e-merchants can post on their site to easily identify who their happiest and most loyal customers (ie, future promoters) are.


Another tool you can use to encourage referrals from your most loyal customers is makes it easy to motivate your loyal customer’s with points and rewards every time they successfully refer a new customer to your brand. With, e-merchants turn their most loyal customers into their greatest marketing assets.

With’s rewards system, e-merchants won’t just bring in new customers, they will build lasting relationships with existing customers - turning them into passionate brand advocates who will stay loyal to your brand well into the future.

With over 15,000 stores already using the software, and one-click integrations with BigCommerce and Shopify stores, is an easy way to bring in new customers and build lasting relationships with existing ones.

Carts Guru

If you’re looking for the all-in-one marketing automation tool for e-commerce businesses, Carts Guru is where it’s at.

Carts Guru provides e-merchants with:

  • Marketing automation: e-merchants can fully automate their entire online marketing strategy in one place, saving so much time and effort (and making money while they sleep!)
  • Multichannel campaigns: reach customers across email, SMS and Facebook Messenger using just one tool. Combine all of these channels into one cohesive workflow and reach your audience wherever they are.
  • Dynamic workflows: e-merchants can automatically and immediately respond to customers’ actions. If a customer doesn’t open an email in a set amount of time, Carts Guru will automatically reach out over another medium (SMS or Facebook Messenger) to maximize your chances of customer engagement.
  • Customizable templates: send beautiful messaging content that perfectly matches your brands’ existing imagery. Carts Guru’s drag-and-drop template builder is so easy to use, e-merchants will create beautiful designs in just a few clicks.
  • Relevant e-commerce data: with metrics from all channels displayed in one harmonious dashboard e-merchants will no longer waste time swapping between mediums to analyze the success of each campaign type.


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