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Text Message Solution for Shopify Remarketing

Text message solution for Shopify Remarketing
Maxime Pruvost
Written By Maxime Pruvost
On Jan, 28 2016
2 minute read

If you are one of the 4,600 retailers using Shopifyfor your online store, Shopify remarketing tools have no secrets. From built-in features to add ons, the e-commerce provider offers many interesting ways to leverage site traffic, connect to social media and dynamize marketing promotions. Although many of address visitors retention on your site and set up ads to reach bounced visitors, the fact that only 2% of browsers actually become customers on their first visit is disappointing. Of those who come back and start filling a shopping cart, 68% will leave without completing the transaction.

Shopify Remarketing to increase sales

Most Shopify Remarketing tools readily available (and plugins we can add quickly to boost performance) are designed to incite the shopper to buy more products via suggestions and recommendations. The cross selling technique is profitable, pending your prospects find no reason to abandon their cart. They may be interested in the “related item” and add it to their basket, but nothing is yet in place to make sure they are not among the 68% of shopping cart abandoners.

Shopify remarketing solutions include coupons popping up for instant gratification; they encourage the use of Google Ads to track and reclaim a visitor who left; live chat is practically standard in the online retail industry. All those may increase retention (though none guarantees conversion). The integration with social media is crucial, mostly to generate new traffic. Still, none of those specifically provide an efficient answer to ensure a sale.

Shopify remarketing with email campaigns

Intense campaigns to convert abandoned carts are implemented across the board. Shopify remarketing addons display tempting features to follow up and communicate with the shoppers. But managing the emails can take a lot of work and a lot of time, not to mention be more costly than just the price of a subscription. How many e-mails should be sent (and what frequency)?

Surely you wouldn’t send the same message over and over, so customization is necessary. Soon, e-retailers feel the need to offer increasing discounts, ready to shrink their margin to gain one new believer.

While remarketing via emails may prove successful every now and then (likely when a price drop is included), we can’t ignore the fact that the message is not opened 50% of the time. With an average conversion rate of 5% to 8%, we are still far from optimizing dollar spent for dollar gained.

Shopify Remarketing with Text Messages

Contrary to email response (or lack thereof), text messages are read within 3 minutes of reception. This means online retailers can immediately connect with a qualified shopper soon after he left an order pending. Text message retargeting alone is a step closer to success, but being able to actually engage a conversation takes conversion rates to new heights.

The Shopify remarketing solution through texts gives the shopper the option to be called back. A customer service agent can resolve any concern and address his reason for abandoning his cart. When up to 30% of prospects leave their cart at checkout (when they are extremely qualified), engaging with them at this stage is essential.

Carts Guru for Shopify is fully customizable so the target is most precise: transaction amount, family of products or specific item, number of follow ups and time parameters.

Too many online sales are lost when the prospect is still hot; the Shopify remarketing solution you implement must provide you with direct access to your audience and give you ways to convert your sales: less time consuming, more cost effective and with minimal loss of profit.

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