Best Practices to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

In the business of e-commerce, implementing best practices to reduce shopping cart abandonment is essential. In a store, customers can interact with staff and obtain immediate answers and advice. Online retail obeys the same rules when it comes to customer service and pleasant shopping experience.

Shopping cart abandonment happens at different levels throughout the process, and knowing what to do and how to do it will increase your chances of converting a visit into a sale.

Understanding Shopping Cart Abandonment

Nearly 7 out of 10 online shoppers leave a site (and their shopping cart) without finalizing their order. This means that only 30% of the traffic on your site actually becomes a transaction.

In order to invert the trend, you need to understand why shopping cart abandonment occurs, and where in the process.

Before the checkout process, visitors are likely to leave your site if the navigation is cumbersome or if the browsing is not fast enough. A page that takes too long to load can cost you a sale and likely the shopper’s loyalty. Another reason for shopping cart abandonment is insufficient information about the products, unclear attributes or confusing prices and options.

That the online shoppers make it to the checkout page doesn’t mean it’s in the bag (although it is in the shopping cart). Avoiding shopping cart abandonment depends on the quality of the validation process. Customers confess they often leave a site when asked to create an account.

Past that step, you are left with ultra qualified customers, ready to proceed with reviewing their order and filling in shipping and billing information. This step faces the last risks of shopping cart abandonment, due to high shipping and handling costs, lack of payment options or payment failure for whatever reason.

Improve the shopping experience

Apply best practices to improve the shopping experience and minimize shopping cart abandonment before you spend marketing dollars to try and reclaim a shopper.

If your online store is not performing well in terms of navigation, speed and user friendliness, campaigns will not be efficient nor cost effective.

You can improve your funnel performance at every stage and impact the shopper’s behavior all the way to checkout.

Implement clear and precise product descriptions, use bold call-to-action buttons, offer live assistance chat so any concern can be promptly addressed. Knowing your competition is also essential, knowing that many online shoppers compare prices and surf sites in quest for the best deal.

Be transparent from the start in terms of shipping and fees (shipping cost calculators are an effective way to further qualify your customers).

Simplify the checkout process: less steps, email capture of returning customers so they can quickly submit their order, more payment options (including third-party digital wallets like Pay Pal).

While you probably insert product suggestions on the browsing pages, make sure the checkout process is all about the customers with service and convenience. Shopping cart abandonment due to annoyance should never happen.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with Retargeting

The conversion rate of abandoned baskets into sales will never reach 100% but it can greatly improve with the proper retargeting tools.

The favored channel to try and engage indecisive customers is still largely email campaign, though it proves to be a sometimes lengthy process and extremely uncertain. To some extent, remarketers offer SMS solutions but options and performance are not at their best levels.

Carts Guru offers innovative and successful new tools to minimize shopping cart abandonment via phone and SMS. This allows you to automatically engage your prospects.

The solution is flexible enough that you can  decide the level of effort and resources you are ready to dedicate to retargeting: automated incoming call that instantly connect the customer, SMS reminders or SMS with callback option.

The effectiveness of Carts Guru solution lies in the precision of the retargeting campaign. You set scenario parameters of time, products or family of product or transaction amount. This flexibility means you connect with the right segments of shoppers and wisely spend your marketing budget.

If trillions of dollars are lost in revenue due to shopping cart abandonment, it needn’t be a fatality for e-merchants. Retail best practices and precise retargeting campaigns can greatly affect the bottom line and profitability.

How SMS Retargeting Can Solve Shopping Cart Abandonment

Can SMS retargeting solve the curse of shopping cart abandonment, and how? Online retailers are on a quest to reduce the loss of revenue caused by shopping cart abandonment.

There are various tools to improve the conversion rate of a cart into an actual sale, from site improvement in navigation to email retargeting campaigns, but we are still dealing with 68% of shoppers who don’t go through.

SMS Retargeting creates a connection

Of the benefits of SMS retargeting, the most important one is it creates an immediate connection with the customer.

Online shopping is a solitary experience compared to in-store where a salesperson can interact with a shopper, answer questions and concerns and put forward reasons to buy the product. E-commerce certainly offers great convenience and reaches a wider audience. But the shopper is on his own, sometimes indecisive or unhappy with shipping costs and mandatory registration. Short of reading his mind, you are facing cart abandonment due to the lack of resources available to convince him in real-time.

By sending a SMS to your prospective customer, you improve your chances of entering in personal contact. While emails are left unopened more than half the time, text messages are read within 3 minutes of reception.

SMS Retargeting is immediate

Time is crucial after shopping cart abandonment and using a SMS retargeting solution allows for better reactivity with the possibility of immediate interaction.

Online shoppers are versatile because they have access to everything with a simple click: a better deal and more options are at their fingertips.

By being able to contact your customers shortly after they left, you are reaching them when they are still in buying mode.

It also offers the advantage of fitting today’s lifestyle, where mobility is essential. A whole generation of “naturals” is emerging, shoppers who hardly use emails anymore and use their mobile phone for about anything.

SMS Retargeting is flexible

Shopping cart abandonment happens for many reasons and the options offered by a SMS retargeting campaign can address many of them. With different content available for your message, you can assess the probability of converting the basket into a sale.

The simplest SMS is a friendly reminder that the cart is pending.

An abandoned cart of high value can justify offering a promotional code the prospect can enter immediately. Promotion oriented SMS is well received by shoppers who are constantly surfing to find deals and coupons.

One of the great features Carts Guru has to offer in SMS retargeting is the Text Message Callback. This takes converting abandoned shopping carts to a new level of connection. By reaching out to customers who need help and giving them the opportunity to be called back by customer relations agents, online retailers have a true and unique way to answer questions in real time and give their shoppers a personal service experience.

SMS retargeting can solve shopping cart abandonment with a higher conversion rate thanks to its flexibility and reactivity. Rather than leaving your business to the uncertainty of email performance, embrace technology and use it at its best.

Retargeting Solutions For Shopping Cart Abandoners

Retargeting solutions that work are becoming an urgent necessity for e-merchants who lose revenue due to shopping cart abandonment. With up to 68% (on average, according to a study by the Baymard Institute) of shoppers leaving e-commerce sites before validating their shopping cart, online retailers are desperate to find efficient methods to convert them into sales.

The reasons behind shopping cart abandonment

To successfully implement a retargeting solution aimed at fleeting shoppers, and fully grasp their reasons for leaving, we must understand the levels of their commitment.

Prospective customers abandon their shopping cart before checkout because they are not quite ready to purchase, they are doing price comparison and found a better deal or they are put off by the complexity of the ordering process, unfriendly navigation between cart and shop or systematic creation of an account.

The shopping cart abandoner that leaves at checkout, before the final submission of the order, is the prospect you need to focus on. He is ready to buy, has selected the items he needed and gone through the identification process, possibly even payment information and yet, he has left. Of the nearly 70% who abandon an order, 15% to 30% are doing so at this crucial moment.
Some of the reasons cart abandonment happens at this point are high shipping costs, estimated delivery date not meeting expectations or lack of options of payment methods.

The customer who doesn’t complete his purchase due to payment failure is another shopping cart abandonner you want to include in the retargeting campaign. The commitment at this stage was the highest.

Retargeting solutions available

Various retargeting solutions exist to follow up with shopping cart abandoners and improve the funnel performance.

Early in the online shopping process, pop up windows try to keep the shoppers on the page when they attempt to leave or go to another product before adding to the cart.
The Live Chat feature is fairly popular and is a great way to readily answer concerns the customers have regarding products or policies. It’s direct and immediate and can lift the hesitation and close the sale.

The email retargeting solution is widely used to send friendly reminders of “pending cart”. Several emails can follow up if the shopper fails to respond by validating his shopping cart.
While this is a decent and affordable method to keep in touch with cart abandoners, it is passive and doesn’t necessarily engage them into action. Without a direct connection to the customers, email campaigns show a timid 5% to 8% conversion rate.

Retargeting Solutions - Shopping Cart Abandoners

Innovative, efficient retargeting solutions

In a retail environment where customers move fast and have many options and sites to choose from, online retailers need to be prompt to transform the shopping cart abandoner into a customer.
Standing out in the retargeting solutions world is Carts Guru, a company entirely dedicated to e-merchants who seek easy and cost effective methods to minimize revenue loss online.

Carts Guru offers 3 avenues of intervention, all based on automatic action triggered by scenarios.

Target and contact the customers who left the site without validating their order with Automatic Call, Text Message Callback (to offer the shopper to be called back for free) or Text Message (a reminder to finalize the purchase than can be coupled with a personalized promotional code). The follow up actions are triggered by parameters the retailer creates such as time before contact, traffic, shopping cart value or item category, to name but a few.

The retailer’s customer service can promptly interact with the prospect and address his concerns. Retargeting campaigns via phone display a 20% conversion rate, significantly higher than the traditional email.

The solution is easy to use and easy to integrate and offers great insight on online shoppers behavior.

In 2014, loss of revenue caused by shopping cart abandoners reached 4$ Trillion. While some operational fixes can help at the site and navigation levels, e-retailers still have little control over the issue.

Implementing an automatic retargeting solution is the best option to cash in those baskets..

Setting your Carts Guru account

The « Account » page, accessible through the Carts Guru interface, allows the modification of information regarding your Company and to download your customer’s invoices.

Access to your Settings

In order to set and or modify your Carts Guru account, click on the Tab « Settings » from the Carts Guru menu. Then click on « Account ». You will have immediate access to the configuration page of your account.


Fill out information about your company

The « Account » page allows you to modify the information regarding your Company, such as :

  • Name
  • Adddress
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Country

The default information are those you indicated when you created your account from a Carts Guru internet site.

Setting Billing contact

In the  « Billing contact » section, you first have to fill out all required billing information.

In order to do so, go to the first line (« Payment methods ») click on « edit ». A window will open and you will be invited to indicate your credit card number, expiration date and security code and taxes. Methods of payment accepted : Visa, MasterCard, American Express. The card number appearing by default is the one given when you first created your account.

Still in the « Billing contact » section, you can choose and modify your subscription. You need to go to the second line, « Offers », and click on « Edit ».

It is possible to change your Carts Guru subscription, at any time.


A the very bottom of the page dedicated to your account settings, you will be able to access the complete list of all your Carts Guru Invoices. For each invoice, the chart indicates: Name, date, status and amount.

To register and have access to your different invoices, just click on the reference # (in green).

Did you know that with our Customer Identification technology you can discover who your non-identified visitors are? 👏

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Do you have issues recovering abandoned carts? Our multi-channel widgets can help you bring back those lost visitors.

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Did you know that with our Customer Identification technology you can discover who your non-identified visitors are? 👏

Read more on our blog post!

We're hiring a Social Media & Content Specialist! If you're good with words and know how to charm an audience, apply below 😉

We're hiring! Join our fast growing startup in Barcelona as a Community & Growth Hacker!

Do you have issues recovering abandoned carts? Our multi-channel widgets can help you bring back those lost visitors.

Find out more on our blog! #abandonedcarts

Thanks @42SiliconValley! #weHire Looking for cool heads who make difference
#SaaS #startups #growth

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