The Ecommerce Marketer’s Guide to Cart Abandonment

Learn how to prevent and recover abandoned carts, and boost your revenue when customers visit your website


We'll review how to:

· Calculate your cart abandonment rate (CAR)
· Interpret key metrics
· Prevent shopping cart abandonment
· Recover abandoned carts and bring back lost shoppers

In March of 2020, an average of 88% of online shopping carts were abandoned. Let's win them back together.

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Learn everything you need to convert abandoned carts into completed sales

Understand abandoned carts

· Top reasons for cart abandonment
· Calculating your cart abandonment rate (CAR)
· How to interpret your CAR

Prevent  abandoned carts

· Optimize your online store
· Optimize your check out process


Recover  abandoned carts

· Launching an abandoned cart retargeting campaign
· Best practices for cart abandonment campaigns
· Cart abandonment checklist

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