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The complete guide to SMS marketing for e-commerce

With this guide, you’ll learn how to achieve:

  • 98% open rate
  • 15% click-through rate
  • Opening time under 3 minutes

    From campaign setup to launch, we’ve got you covered. We’ll review the rules, best practices, and tools you need to grow your e-commerce business with SMS


Learn everything you need to build a profitable SMS marketing campaign:

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Get started with SMS marketing

Discover how to set up the right SMS marketing strategy for your e-commerce business and see results fast

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Boost ROI with SMS marketing

Learn the do's and don'ts of SMS content creation and engage the right customers with the right message

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Maximize the power of SMS marketing

Combine SMS with other marketing mediums and increase the lifetime value of your customers by 30%

Plus you’ll find 7 SMS campaign examples proven to bring in revenue.


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Develop the understanding of SMS marketing needed to grow your e-commerce store